Hello & Welcome to my Author Site.

I write Paranormal, Modern Fantasy and Contemporary Western Romance. What multiple sub-genres? Because it’s fun and I have a short attention span. But don’t tell anyone.


Author, SARA GARDENER, orphaned at a young age, knows nothing of her lost heritage: that of the Wulverkynn, a rare breed of female able to mate with a Wulver male and his only hope of salvation.
The film industry’s ‘wolf whisperer’, RYAN SHERIDAN, is only weeks from turning full werewolf and becoming a mindless killer. His only option is to enter into an eternal mating bond neither party wants before moonrise on his thirtieth birthday, or his own family will be forced to put him down.
At the Romantic Times Convention in Atlanta, loneliness and desperation lead to one night of passion that shakes the foundations of both their worlds when Sara finds herself in the crosshairs of a secret society bent on Wulver-kind annihilation and Ryan struggles to keep her safe, both from his people’s ultimate threat and his overwhelming instinct to claim her as his own.